Protecting Life
Whereever you are

Making the world a little safer for children, seniors, athletes, animals and owners of small treasures – that’s what Prothelis is all about every day. Our self-developed GPS trackers protect
what is dear to you.
– Made & Designed in Germany


For your loved ones

area Pets

For your best companion


For your most valuable goods

Prothelis GPS Tracker

Always secure on your way

Our GPS trackers are winners

Our GPS trackers are tested more often than we know.
We are proud that the test results of our GPS trackers are so good.

Stiftung Warentest

Our GPS tracker area Pets ist test winner in test of Stiftung Warentest (Stiftung Warentest, 03/24)

RTL Punkt 6

area Pets in post of RTL Punkt 6 (RTL, März 2024)

Die Ratgeber

area Pets in post of “Die Ratgeber” (HR, Februar 2024)


area Pets in post of WDR Servicezeit (WDR, Februar 2024)


GPS tracker for dogs in a test: 6 pet trackers compared

heise Online

Mini GPS tracker “area
in a long-term test (Heise Online, 2021)

Auto, Motor und Sport

Test winner meintal GPS tracker (Auto, Motor und Sport, 19/21)

c't magazin für computer und technik

Pocket guard Prothelis meintal in a long-term test (c’t Magazin, 03/2020)

GPS tracker in German quality

We manufacture tracking devices using advanced GPS technologies to provide fast and competent assistance to people and animals in emergency and dangerous situations. From the design to the finished product, everything is created, developed and marketed from a single source.

For your valuable vehicles

meintal provides long-term follow-up with its powerful battery for vehicles and allows you to always find the true location.

For people you love and value

Extra powerful and reliable: area is specially designed for people in need of protection. area gives you the freedom to move around independently and confidently in public.

area Pets
For your best companion

With area Pets, the whereabouts of your pet or farm animal can be reliably determined. Before your four-legged friend gets into serious danger, area Pets helps you to find each other again.

area Hunting
For ambitious hunters

The signal color supports you in recognition of the animal in difficult to see forest areas. The SMS function transmits the location data of your animal even if mobile data usage is not available.

GPS Technologie is our job!

The task of making our customers’ everyday lives safer and therefore more carefree is a matter close to our hearts. Our high standards and our experience in developing safety systems set us apart from many of our competitors, especially those from abroad. We are aware of the responsibility that comes with modern high technologies. This awareness makes a decisive contribution to the success of Prothelis and the trust of our customers.

We want to make the world safer.

We work with the same enthusiasm every day to make the world safer for everyone.

Protect what is dear to you!

From Past to Present

We attach importance to innovation with our expert staff in the field of GPS technologies. As a result of R&D studies for many years, we produce high-tech GPS devices with our experienced staff.


The Emergence of the Idea

The idea was born and several years of planning and research followed


Founding of the Start-Up

Prothelis GmbH was founded in September 2014 with 3 permanent employees.


Time of Concepts

The first prototype was equipped with an innovative GPS antenna and a silicone cuff.
The second prototype was a size-optimized model with a wireless charger.
Production of a first small series production for field trials.



Final version of our GPS tracker goes into series production. The model is based on the previous concepts and received a chic design finish.



After a long development phase and some emotional rollercoaster rides, the time had finally come and the first self-developed Prothelis GPS tracker was launched onto the market.


Prothelis in Change

Establishment of a company headquarters in Istanbul, Türkiye and conversion of Prothelis GmbH into Prothelis AG



After the first successful series production in the same year, nothing stood in the way of the longed-for market launch of our GPS tracker meintal.



This year, series production of the GPS tracker began. After the final tests, the time had finally come and our GPS tracker area could now be purchased.


Test winner

Our GPS tracker meintal is the test winner in the “Auto, Motor und Sport” test


Test winner

Our GPS tracker area is the test winner in the Stiftung Warentest test