Activation Guide

Step 01

Go on Click on the “Account” box here.

Step 02

Click here to “Register” to create a new user account. 

Step 03

Fill in all mandatory fields. The username must consist of at least 6 characters. The password of at least 8 characters.

Step 04

Under “My Devices”, click the “Add Viewers Now” button.

Step 05

Enter the serial number found on the bottom of the device. Select the term of use and payment method. If applicable, enter your coupon code.

Step 06

Click “Submit an Order” and the registration is complete.

Final Step

Place the tracker in the connected charging tray (GRETA) or connect the USB-cable (meintal). The tracker flashes blue and must not be removed from the charging station until the activation of the internal SIM card is complete.

Activation can take a few minutes (possibly up to 24 hours).

Once activated, the tracker stops flashing and is ready to use.