More than a tracking device

With area, you can protect your loved ones with peace of mind. You will receive an instant warning when the application leaves the specified area.

Always find the right location

The area GPS tracking device ensures that you always find the correct location with the signals received from the satellite and provides reliable information about the current position. In application, area provides a positioning accuracy of 3 meters or better in optimum conditions. 

In an emergency, you will receive push notifications or a phone call, depending on your preferences. You can use this service 24/7.

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Kids need freedom, parents need safety

area allows you to safely follow your child’s school road and many trips, so they can always move safely and independently in public places. With the accessible mobile, tablet, and web interface, you can customize settings to your needs. 

You can define different tracking intervals between 10 seconds and 24 hours according to your needs.

Technical Features

Nurse Mode

If area does not record activity for a certain period of time, you will be notified by a push message.

Guard Mode

As long as the area is in motion, you will be informed about this at regular intervals via push messages. You will receive another push message as soon as area stops again.

Request Data

Up to 8 days of full battery power Save energy and conserve battery: With this function, data can be requested manually instead of being transmitted at automatic intervals.


Values That Convince!

Benefit from a GPS tracker perfectly tailored to people’s needs. All motion data of the trackers used with the Prothelis application can be tracked. An unlimited number of virtual fences can be modified at no additional cost.


Thanks to the integrated SIM card, you can locate meintal nearly anywhere in the world.

GLONASS supplementation of GPS systems also improves positioning in high latitudes.

Our trackers are waterproof and completely protected against the ingress of dust

You will be automatically warned if the area exceeds or falls below a temperature previously set in the app.

Define as many fields as you want in the Prothelis application, which you can activate individually according to the program.

Thanks to the advanced technology, area has a low Energy consumption and can be operated in stand-by for up to 30 days.

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 Order the Prothelis GPS-Tracker area in our webshop. Select a service contract and start tracking immediately after activating the GPS tracker.

Download The Free App

You can download our free Prothelis application to your Android or IOS device and also use the web application.

area User's Guide

Here you can find a detailed user manual of your area device that can assist you from setup to follow-up.

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