The safe companion on the hunting

Even in the deepest forest, the area Hunting Edition helps dog and owner to find each other at all times.

With area Hunting Edition you can let the dog off the leash without any worries.

Runaway dogs find area Hunting Edition fast and reliable thanks to precise GPS tracking. Extra small and easily designed so as not to disturb your dog. 

You can define different tracking intervals between 10 seconds and 24 hours according to your needs.

Safe and long walks with area Hunting Edition

Notifies you when your dog has its defined leaching surfaces (e.g. The home garden) leaves. Our area Hunting Edition is also suitable for long walks. Your 950 mAh battery lasts up to 5 days when tracking actively, depending on the tracking interval set.

Technical Features

Handy and Light

area Hunting Edition is the lightest of all GPS trackers and is so flexible that it will not burden your pet and can be adapted to any dog ​​collar.

Nurse Mode

If the tracker does not record any activity for a certain period of time, you will be informed via push message. You will receive another push message as soon as area records activity again.

IP 67: dust and waterproof

Our trackers are waterproof and completely protected against the ingress of dust.

Weitere Features

Values That Convince!

Benefit from a GPS tracker perfectly tailored to people’s needs. All motion data of the trackers used with the Prothelis application can be tracked. An unlimited number of virtual fences can be modified at no additional cost.


Thanks to the integrated SIM card, you can locate meintal nearly anywhere in the world.

GLONASS supplementation of GPS systems also improves positioning in high latitudes.

In the event of an emergency, you will receive push notifications or a phone call, depending on your preferences.

You will be automatically warned if the area Hunting Edition exceeds or falls below a temperature previously set in the app.

Define as many fields as you want in the Prothelis application, which you can activate individually according to the program.

area Hunting Edition’s battery consumption depends on usage behavior. The battery life is up to 5 days if used actively and up to 24 days on standby mode.


In the forest, the mobile network is often severely restricted. The signal quality is then no longer sufficient for the use of mobile data, both for smartphones and for trackers. If the signal quality is poor, the tracker can no longer use the mobile data to transmit positions and other information. Our solution: communication via SMS. Even if the mobile data can no longer be used due to the poor signal quality, it is still possible to communicate via SMS in most cases


Smart geofences are virtual fences that can be switched in unlimited numbers at no additional cost. Create the geofences according to your individual needs and specify the times at which they are activated. The app uses geofencing to contact you when area leaves or enters an area you define. In this case you will be informed immediately by us. This is done – depending on your preference – by means of a phone call or a push message

Prothelis Accessoires

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area Hunting's User's Guide

Here you can find a detailed user manual of your area Hunting Edition device that can assist you from setup to follow-up.

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