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There is a Prothelis product for everyone

Our GPS trackers are small, robust and versatile – the new generation of location devices. For example, the antenna built into our products is an in-house development by Prothelis, which, in addition to high positioning accuracy, also ensures that it can be used almost anywhere in the world. It is these details with which Prothelis sets new standards in the development of location systems. 

Children need free space, parents safety


Provides excellent protection for pets or farm animals


Always ready for action even without mobile data


More safety and freedom for your pet through premium GPS tracking


Long-term tracking for all vehicles with its powerful battery


Superior German Technology

All of our products have been developed by German engineers.

  • Active almost world-wide

  • Virtual Fence

  • Powerful Battery

  • GPS & GLONASS, GSM-Tracking

  • Unlimited movement history

  • Temperature and speed warning

  • Modern Wireless charging

  • Speed Measurement System

  • 24/7 Notification-Service

  • and much more