Producttest on Theft protection for horse trailers with Prothelis GPS-tracker

Hamburg, January 25, 2021 – If a horse trailer is equipped with the Meintal GPS tracker from Prothelis AG, the owner immediately received an alarm message via app after leaving the location, as the test at proved.

The use is very simple: the device is charged on a standard charger and then lasts up to 500 days in standby mode. The Prothelis app (compatible with iOS 9.0 or Android 4.4 or newer) is then installed and the personal user data and the so-called “geofence” are set up directly on the smartphone. This defines the location with a radius of about 300 meters. Any number of locations can be defined, for example if you regularly travel to another stable for training. If the horse trailer leaves this virtual fence with a radius of 300 meters, an alarm is triggered. A push notification and/or a phone call can be selected for this.


Alarm via push notification or phone call

In order for the alarm to be triggered, the tracker contains a SIM card. For this, a service package must be ordered from Prothelis, because the provision of the service and the telecommunications connections themselves cost money. The monthly fee starts at 4.99 euros and drops to 3.79 euros per month, depending on the term, when a 24-month package is taken out. This includes any number of alarms and worldwide use. Who drives thus with its horse trailer abroad, can place it there likewise into a “geo fence”.Tracking is based on a combination of portable radio and satellite localization (GSM, GPS and GLONASS). This works with a locating accuracy of three meters, according to the manufacturer, around the clock, 365 days a year.

Hide discreetly in the horse trailer

In principle, the tracker can be located anywhere in the vehicle. Of course, it makes sense not to mount it visibly at first glance. For the test, it disappeared under the rubber mat in the tack room.

Theft defected immediately!

The device discreetly placed, the live test followed. Horse trailer on the hook and the “thief” drove off, the cell phone with the app remained in the stable. After a few seconds – the team was just in sight – the cell phone rang: “This is an automatic call from Prothelis. Your tracker has left the stall.” The app now showed exactly where the horse trailer was currently moving. In the event of an emergency, it would now have been possible to report the theft to the police.

Conclusion: Absolutely recommendable

The Prothelis “Meintal” GPS tracker in conjunction with the smartphone app is a small and easy to set up system with intelligent technology that reliably reports when the object to be protected leaves the stored location. Not only that, it can also track where it is at any time. At 139 euros and the financially quite manageable service package of 3.79 euros (that’s 45.48 EUR/year), the anti-theft system is fairly priced. 


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The complete report Prothelis GPS tracker Meintal reports horse trailer theft is published at There, readers will also find around 150 test reports on horse trailers and towing vehicles, equestrian travel and trail riding areas, as well as many other interesting topics for mobile riders and horses.


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