Institutional Development

Yucel Taspinar



The case of the missing Mirco touched me a lot at the time, Yücel Taspinar, family man and founder of Prothelis AG, and so I dealt with the question of how the loved ones can be better protected. In doing so, I became aware of the tracking and rose to the challenge.

The technology available at the time for the production of GPS trackers was not satisfactory, as it was still very susceptible to failure and underperforming. However, since I didn’t want to compromise on quality, I got together with developers and the research started.

Since the company was founded in 2014, we have designed and optimized the technical, optical and ergonomic requirements of our first GPS tracker GRETA in-house.

For reliable technology, we developed and patented our own innovative GPS antenna. After the first waterproof prototype was designed, it had to undergo numerous stress tests. Only when, after several attempts, all of our demanding requirements were fully met, such as the precise location and at the same time robust properties of GRETA, that we went into series production in Willich, near Dusseldorf, and launched the Sale in November 2017.

Future projects

New Product Trackebee 2021  Full protection against theft and tracking in case of loss. In case of a possible theft, your device will detect the movement and you will receive a warning notification via the application. It is resistant to vibrations, impacts and all other environmental factors. 

Water resistance

Trackebee has IP67 certification. The device, battery and connecting cables are completely protected against the ingress of water.  

Minimal design

It has been designed in the smallest possible dimensions to easily integrate into the engine of your device. Endless Energy Use Trackebee without the need for additional charging, thanks to its connection to the engine of your e-bike. Or security and tracking, Trackebee is designed according to your needs. With superior German technology quality.