Company Informations

The company was entered on September 10, 2014 under the registration number HRB 73431 in the commercial register of the Düsseldorf Local Court as a GmbH. Prothelis AG was created by transforming the legal form of Prothelis GmbH, Düsseldorf (AG Düsseldorf, HRB 73431) in accordance with the resolution of the shareholders’ meeting on June 26, 2018. The capital was increased from EUR 25,000 by a further EUR 25,000. The Annual General Meeting on August 29, 2018 resolved to increase the share capital by EUR 570,000.00 from company funds. On April 25, 2019, the share capital was increased by a further EUR 22,600 against cash contributions as part of a first public offer. A second public offer increased by a further EUR 23,450 on 09.09.2020. The share capital of Prothelis AG amounts to EUR 666,050.

The company’s share capital is divided into 666,050 no-par value bearer shares with a nominal value of EUR 1.00 per share.

 The following overview shows the owners of the 666,050 common shares:


Shareholder Economic Beneficiary Number of Stocks Percent
Prothelis Financial Holding Corp Shareholders <235 Shareholders 620.000 93,09
Free Float <30 Shareholders 46.050 6,91
TOTAL 666.050 100,0%

We, Prothelis AG from Düsseldorf, develop and produce highly efficient security and location systems. In addition to the GRETA tracking system, we are working on a broad portfolio of products that are designed to provide people and animals with quick and competent help in emergency and dangerous situations.

 From the design to the finished product, we create, develop and market everything from a single source.

Making the world a little safer for children, seniors, athletes, animals and owners of small treasures – that’s what Prothelis is about every day!

In addition, we award several grants every year to the promising young researchers and in return are funded by the Ministry for Innovation, Science and Research of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia via the Jülich project management agency.