Payment methods

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Advance payment

Please note that your order cannot be processed until your payment has been received by us.


Shipping for each standard order within Germany up to 4 kg is free of charge. In addition, there is an acceptance fee of €4.99 upon delivery by delivery, as well as a delivery fee of €2, which must be paid directly in cash to the delivery company.

Numbers with PayPal

You can also pay in our online shop via PayPal. PayPal is the online payment service that lets you pay securely, easily and quickly in online stores-and for free.

Overview of your benefits

Secure: Your bank or credit card details are only stored with Paypal. Therefore, these are not sent over the Internet again every time they shop online.
Simple: You pay with two clicks. Because you use your PayPal deposited bank or credit card details instead of re-entering them every time you buy them.
Quick: PayPal payments arrive quickly.

Payment with instant transfer

You can also pay with instant transfer. All you need is your online banking data.