The service charge covers the cost of the mobile network and the 24-hour notification service, which contacts you by phone in an alarm situation. It is required for proper operation. The duration of the contract can be selected flexibly and expires automatically after the end of the term without notice. After the expiry of the term, you can opt for the same or any other payment model again at any time.

Prothelis flex 1 Prothelis flex 6 Prothelis flex 12 Prothelis best value
Monthly payment 6 months in advance 12 months in advance 24 months in advance
4.86 € a month 4.47 € per month 4.08 € a month 3.69 € a month
4.86 € in total 26,84 € in total 49,01 € in total 88,67 € in total

The service package includes all countries listed in this table.