When will I be notified?

Once a geofence has been created, you can choose in what form and when you want to be notified.

In principle, it is always possible to react to whether the geofence enters or leaves. For this purpose, you can now set whether the notification should be done via push message, telephone call or both ways.

To receive push messages, you need an active network connection, either via WiFi, or mobile data.

In order to be informed by telephone call, please check your telephone number that you have specified when setting up your account at https://my-prothelis.de/account.

It should be noted that the tracker requires at least one more location, from the current location, to determine where it is in relation to the geofence. This means that no notification will be sent if the geofence is drawn at the current position of the tracker and the following position is outside the geofence.

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