You have activated GRETA via your account on the website – What now?

First, the tracker must be placed in its charging cradle. After the first activation the tracker will search for an update of the firmware. If he finds it, he downloads it and installs it. During this phase the LED of the tracker flashes in white.

Then the tracker is ready for use. It may be necessary to recharge the battery a bit.

The default position that GRETA specifies, as long as no known position exists, lies with the coordinates (longitude: 0, latitude: 0). So please do not be surprised if your tracker is displayed in the app just off the East African coast; this is normal. You can always check this by looking at the last time the tracker updated its position. If there is no time specified, no position has yet been detected.

You were probably inside a building during activation. It is difficult for the tracker to get his first position. That’s why the tracker should now be brought outdoors to give him the opportunity to position himself – maybe a short walk.

As soon as the tracker has recognized its first position, this can also be seen in the app.